For the Culture

Style Chic 360 9/24 11:00P (Unknown)
It's pretty rare with the way of the world, social media and trends that we come into contact with those who stand out. People who think, talk and who live at the beat of their own drum. Presently, I...

His Soul

Style Chic 360 9/20 11:00P (Unknown)
I am in love with the soul of the man... The soul that loves the Lord and speaks of Him freely I'm in love with the soul of the man that believes in Jesus and has faith that won't fold I'm in love...

I Am

Style Chic 360 9/17 11:00P (Unknown)
I am a conqueror! I am an over comer! I am forgiven! I am a winner! I've been a victim of my own negative thoughts, fears and paranoia. I let the way I felt and my perception of the world dictate the...

In With the Old, In With the New

Style Chic 360 9/14 1:56A (Style Chic
In with the old In with the new No that's not a typo I meant to throw you You see I've been rekindling All things meaningful Caring more about who cares And less about Who cared less You see living in...

My Hope Is Built

Style Chic 360 9/11 12:57A (Overcomer v
I haven't publicly talked much about what I've gone through personally for many reasons. One of the main reasons being is the internet is forever, and some things just aren't meant for the world. My...

Waiting to Hear from You

Style Chic 360 9/5 3:38A (Overcomer v
Are you currently in a waiting season? Well, I most certainly am! Waiting for God to lead and trusting Gods plan for your life can seem daunting. Simply and solely waiting on God before you act is a...
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