The Duclos Family Farm, nestled in the hills of North County San Diego, prides itself in growing the finest avocados from California. Duclos Farms produces the Lovecado™, a special and unique California avocado. Duclos Farms has been producing the best Avocados that are the delight of every Avocado enthusiast. Our Lovecados are meticulously cared for providing rich, buttery and creamy taste. Similar to producing wine from the vineyard, the land and soil will ultimately affect the flavor of the wine. The same is true in growing avocados. Our small farm was blessed with ideal weather and a nurturing soil condition. Our natural care of the soil makes our farm and our avocados unique in flavor and nutritional content. We follow organic growing practices; no synthetic pesticides and no synthetic fertilizers. Our family’s mission is to deliver to your door the most savory and nutritious avocados being grown today. Once your order is received, we pick the avocados and they’re delivered directly to you in two days or less. We know you will enjoy our amazing Lovecados just like we do.
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