Anesidora is a sexual wellness company founded in 2021 by a couple, Renee and Joseph. Before starting their business, Renee was just a housewife, spending so much time and energy caring for their family and children. And Joseph was a massage armchair designer.

However, things changed when the Covid-19 suddenly broke out. Everyone had to wear a mask and stay at home to keep safe. But thanks to that, they had more time to accompany their families and enjoy leisure. During the quarantine, Renee and Joseph experimented with various sex toys on the market, which greatly boosted their relationship.

They thought sex toy is a great invention. But after a long time of use, Renee found most of the sex products are similar and even explicit. Having a good experience with sex products but getting bored with the appearance led Renee determined to design a functional and sophisticated sex toy. So, one night, Renee told Joseph about her mind—to build a sex products company.
Sexual fantasies are prevalent and normal. You are not the first to fantasize about sex with strangers and won’t be the last. A recent study called the...
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