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Certainly, here are some things you should know before flying with Breeze Airways:

  1. Baggage Policy: Breeze Airways allows one personal item and one carry-on bag free of charge. Additional bags and checked baggage will incur fees.

  2. Face Mask Policy: All passengers are required to wear face masks during their flight.

  3. In-flight Amenities: Breeze Airways offers a variety of in-flight amenities such as free in-flight streaming of movies, TV shows, and music. The airline also offers snacks and beverages for purchase on board.

  4. Boarding Process: Breeze Airways uses an open seating policy, which means passengers are free to choose their own seats.

  5. Flight Schedule: Breeze Airways currently offers flights to several destinations in the United States, but their flight schedule is subject to change. It's important to check the flight schedule and any updates before your flight.

  6. Refund and Cancellation Policy: Breeze Airways cancellations or any changes to be made up to 24 hours before departure for a fee. However, non-refundable tickets are not eligible for a refund.

  7. Health and Safety Measures: Breeze Airways has implemented several health and safety measures to ensure the well-being of its passengers, including enhanced cleaning procedures and air filtration systems on their aircraft.

  8. Check-In Options: Breeze Airways offers online check-in up to 24 hours before departure, as well as self-service kiosks at the airport. Passengers can also check in with a Breeze Airways representative at the airport.

  9. Special Assistance: Breeze Airways provides special assistance for passengers with disabilities, including wheelchair assistance and service animals. Passengers with special needs should contact Breeze Airways in advance to arrange for assistance.

  10. Loyalty Program: Breeze Airways offers a loyalty program called BreezePoints, which allows passengers to earn points for flights and other activities. Members can redeem their points for future flights, seat upgrades, and other rewards.

  11. Contact Information: If you have any questions or concerns about your flight, you can contact their customer service team through Breeze Airways website or by toll-free phone number +1-800-913-5014.

Overall, Breeze Airways is a low-cost carrier that offers a range of amenities and services for passengers traveling within the United States. By familiarizing yourself with their policies and procedures, you can help ensure a smooth and comfortable travel experience.


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